Hi! Thanks for visiting our new page on Ohio Earthworks. Unfortunately, I have been so busy lately collecting new geophysical data at a number of earthwork sites that I haven't had a chance yet to post any of the new results.

Please be patient and check back in a couple months for new information.

In the meantime, you can see the results of some other geophysical surveys (including one mound!) in the geophysics section of the OVAC website. Also, why not go visit one of the many wonderful earthwork sites in Ohio? Check out the websites of the Ohio Historical Society  or Hopewell Culture National Historical Park for more information on earthworks you can visit.



Ohio has somewhere between 550 and 600 known earthworks, and some unknown number yet to be discovered (in 2007 I was on a team that accidentally discovered a totally new earthwork site...so there are new ones out there!). In the past few years I have been working on mapping and/or geophysical survey at the list of sites below. This page will soon be updated with information on some of this research.

If you have problems downloading PDF files from this site (like the Notes From the Field series), try installing the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Liberty Works (aka Harness Works) (Ross County)

Seal Works (Pike County)

Junction Group (Ross County)

Fort Ancient (Warren County)

Carlisle Fort (Montgomery County)

The Plains Group (Athens County)

Fort Hill (Highland County)

Hopeton Works (Ross County)

Cowan Creek Enclosure (Clinton County)

Shriver Circle (Ross County)

Hopewell Mound Group (Ross County)

Seip Earthworks (Ross County)

Newark Earthworks (Licking County)

Alligator Mound (Licking County)

Reservoir Mound (Licking County)

Tarlton Cross Mound (Fairfield County)

Spruce Hill (Ross County)

Snake Den (Pickaway County)

Steel Group (Ross County)

Plain Hill Works (Coshocton County)

Chili Fort (Coshocton County): Notes from the Field  2008-1

Holder-Wright (Franklin County)







Liberty Works, Ross County, Ohio